Association History

HTANSW History

The History Teachers’ Association of NSW was formed in 1954 by Renée Fauvette Erdos (1911-1997), with the simple aim of providing a means for teachers to ‘meet and discuss the teaching of History and issues connected with our teaching of History’. Its membership grew quickly, as did the range of activities it engaged in. As a result, today’s association is a much more complex organisation than the one established in 1954. Nevertheless, HTANSW retains the strong collegial identity given to it by its founders and remains dedicated to supporting the interests of the discipline of History, its teachers and their students. 

Foundation of HTANSW

The formation of the History Teachers’ Association of NSW was conceived by Renée Fauvette Erdos.


HTANSW Past Presidents

Full time line of our past Presidents. 


Renée Erdos Award

The History Teachers' Association of NSW established the Renée Erdos Award in 2009.


History of HTANSW's Journal

Publication of the March 2011 issue of Teaching History marks the 50th anniversary since the fi rst issue of the HTANSW journal was published at the beginning of the 1961 school year. The outline history that follows has been prepared by the current editors. The aim has been to celebrate the occasion by taking the opportunity to record details and impressions about one of HTA’s most significant activities.