Trial Exams

2024 TRIAL EXAMINATION PAPERS: Pre-order now until 24 June 2024

Confidentiality Period to Friday 23 August 2024 at 12pm (midday)

  • These papers may only be pre-ordered ONLY by a NSW secondary school.
  • All papers come with marking criteria and relevant sources.
  • A single copy of the paper(s) ordered will be delivered to the school's Principal or Deputy Principal only in the week of 22-26 July (Week 1, Term 3).
  • Papers will be delivered as either a single, password-protected PDF file or a single print copy.
  • Purchasing schools may copy the papers for use within their own school only.
  • The papers will be produced in Exam Booklet and Source Booklet format but will be published on single A4 pages for ease of copying within purchasing schools.
  • These papers are for purchase by History Head Teachers or Coordinators in NSW secondary schools, however the delivery of the papers will be to the school's Principal or Deputy Principal only.
  • All orders must be endorsed by the school's Principal or Deputy Principal to whom the papers will be delivered.
  • The endorsing Principal or Deputy Principal must agree to the Conditions of Use, including a Confidentiality Period from the date of delivery until midday, Friday 13 August 2024.
  • Papers may be pre-ordered using the PRE-ORDER FORM up until 24 June 2024.
    No pre-orders will be accepted after this date.
  • Note that full payment is required to complete your pre-order.
  • Papers will then be available for further purchase after the Confidentiality Period expires at midday on 23 August 2024 at our online STORE. (See link below for Past Trial Exam Papers)

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