This Exam Workbook is a valuable resource for teachers and helps students to prepare for their HSC using real exam material. Use this Workbook to: Test knowledge with past exam questions Compare answers to real examples from top-scoring students with comments from HSC senior markers Understand HSC marker guidelines for assessing student responses Get tips for deciding which questions to answer, creating a plan and setting timings Get familiar with the layout and style of HSC exams Conduct test-runs of the HSC, and practice writing answers in the set exam time.
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Includes student responses and marking feedback for:

Section I

  • Core

Section II

  • China 1927-1949
  • Japan 1904-1937
  • Russia and the Soviet Union 1917-1941
  • USA 1919-1941Iran 1945-1989

Section III

  • Conflict in Indochina 1954-1979
  • Conflict in the Pacific 1937-1951
  • Conflict in Europe 1935-1945
  • The Cold War 1945-1991
  • The Arab-Israeli Conflict 1948-1996

Section IV

  • The Cultural Revolution to Tiananmen Square 1966-1989
  • Civil Rights in the USA 1945-1968
  • The Nuclear Age 1945-2011
  • Apartheid in South Africa 1960-1994