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Contesting the Great War
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Contesting the Great War
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Contesting the Great War - An introduction to key debates of the First World War
Jonathon Dallimore, HTANSW, 2017
ISBN: 9780 85854 3843, Paperback, 137 pp.


Contesting the Great War provides a short introduction to some of the most important debates about the First World War. It aims to complement more traditional, narrative texts by offering a brief insight into the differing interpretations of a range of historians to help students develop a more sophisticated understanding of key themes and issues. The book contains a range of activities that can be adapted to a variety of class settings and some suggestions for further reading to stimulate extended research.


Chapter 1: Great War Historiography
Chapter 2: The Origins of the Great War
Chapter 3: Britian's Entry into the Great War
Chapter 4: Fighting the Great War: Technology, communication & medicine, 1914-1918
Chapter 5: The Somme Campaign, 1916
Chapter 6: Attitidues to War: the British and German Armies
Chapter 7: Women in Britain and the Great War
Chapter 8: German Collapse and Allied Victory in 1918
Chapter 9: The Treaty of Versailles
Chapter 10: Legacies: The Great War and Modernity
Chapter 11: Remembering the Great War
Further Reading
Appendix: Additional Activities


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