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Australian Curriculum


A C History Units is a website developed by classroom teachers from around Australia, it is designed to support the implementation of the Australian Curriculum: History in primary and secondary years.
The site presents eight units. The first, Teaching History, is a foundation unit, providing a brief introduction to the discipline of history and designed to 'unpack' the skills, concepts and historical understandings of the Australian curriculum. The remaining seven units focus on specific topics relevant to particular year levels and provide sample learning sequences, a wide range of resources and assessment ideas.
A major goal has been to provide the conceptual background (in Unit 1) and concrete examples (in Units 2-8) to assist teachers in designing their own programs and learning sequences for other topics and year levels. It is expected that this resource will be welcomed by teachers at all levels and teacher educators.

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HTANSW Partners


The History Teachers' Association of Australia (HTAA)

The HTAA affiliates the various state History Teachers' Assoications in Australia.
Click on the logo to be directed to other State HTA websites.


The Professional Teachers' Council of NSW

PTC NSW is the peak umbrella body that provides support and member services to its member associations. PTC NSW unifies teaching associations and sectors bringing together professional interests and education activities throughout NSW.

General History

Australian War Memorial

During the First World War, Australian troops were officially encouraged to collect relics of the battles in which they had fought. This web site makes some of those collections accessible on-line to everyone for the first time.

'Causes of War':

National archives

This collection constitutes the archives of the Commonwealth government and allows access to those records created since the formation of the Commonwealth of Australia in 1901and other significant nineteenth-century records relating to the colonies at the time of Federation.

DVA (Dept Veterans Affairs)
An examination of Australia's wartime history.

Operation Click -
Support this DVA Web Site for Australian History that supports the book and CD-ROM delivered by DVA to every school in Australia.

National History Project
The Federal Government sponsored project about the importance of Australians' sense of their own history and identity. The site is for students and teachers - both primary and secondary; to provide resources for history teachers, and for teachers not specialists in specific areas of History.

Board of Studies (NSW)
The Board of Studies has an immensely varied site including resources on syllabus topics and past HSC and SC papers.

Curriculum Support
This is the Dept of Education's home page for teaching ideas using technology.
History Council of NSW
Is the peak body for history in NSW
State Library of NSW
The State Library of NSW has a wealth of resources both textual as well as a massive image library. It collects all resources from the earliest days of NSW's history.
Access online HSC resources from home
The State Library provides free access to thousands of local and international newspapers, journals, magazines, rare books, and history, literary and film resources from the convenience of home. The extensive range of online resources - many of which are not freely available - are relevant for HSC assessments and exam work.
To access to the State Library's online resources, register for a readers' card at
Dictionary of Sydney


Is a permanent historical digital repository on human habitation in the great Sydney area. It has been updated for the Australian Curriculum and targets an understanding of global perspectives for school students - to honour past and present heritage.

Atlas of NSW
This site is a one-stop-shop for all sorts of information about NSW, including the " href="http://atlas.nsw.gov.au/public/nsw/home/topic/history-and-exploration.html" target="_blank">history of European settlement. Included is an interactive tool which allows user to scroll back & forth through time (" href="http://atlas.nsw.gov.au/public/nsw/home/map/european-settlement.html" target="_blank">See map). The Change Map button at the top left allows you to see other maps, including more historical datasets.

Parliament Education Office
The Parliamentary Education Office assists students and teachers to understand the significance of the Australian Parliament.
Australian Parliament House
The Australian Parliament House web site provides a wealth of material about the Australian Parliament and Hansard records dating back to Federation

Register of War Memorials

The Premier of New South Wales with the President of the NSW RSL combined to make the Register of War Memorials.

Australian Electoral Commission's
"Making a Nation" Resource

This is an online History resource and includes modules on the Year 9 Depth Study 2, Australia and Asia, as well as Year 10, the Modern World and Australia.

Oral History Project - TAFE
The TAFE NSW Sydney Institute Sutherland College Oral History Project records oral histories of Social Inclusion and Vocational Access students and general staff at Sutherland College. The oral histories support school and TAFE curriculum. The wiki includes lesson resources, links to oral history collections and more. The project is ongoing and was created in response to the award of a Westfields History Scholarship.


Has a huge and greatly varied collection of images from Australian History. This site makes a companion to the State Library resources.

Cockatoo Island http://www.cockatooisland.gov.au/see/education/index.html
Cockatoo Island site encompasses convict, maritime and industrial history. They run excursions for students studying history and their website also has a free downloadable teacher resource kit.

Screenrights and Enhance TV
Screenrights is a non-profit organisation appointed by the Government to adminster the provisions of the Australian Copyright Act that allow for educational copying from radio and television. Screenrights have developed 'enhancetv' - a free website which includes study guides, features articles and a comprehensive television guide that lists education programs for specific learning areas.


Created for teachers by teachers, Cursions is a one-stop-shop for planning school activities. Whether designing a school camp, an excursion or simply a classroom activity, their aim is to help you find the best solution for you and your students. Search their database using year level, curriculum and location to find relevant activities and resources throughout Australia.

Find School Excursions and Activities at Cursions!

Jessie Street National Women's Library

Is a specialist library which collects, preserves and promotes the awareness of the cultural heritage of Australian women, facilitating learning, research and communication.

InformEd is a learning and teaching hub designed for educators and e-learners, featuring resources and interactive and innovative ideas for learning and trends in education as well as education technology.

Charles Sturt University - Guide for HSC Students

Rabaul and Montevideo Maru


Rabaul and Montevideo Maru Education Committee has compiled a number of resources that history teachers can use in the teaching of Second World War history. These resources include a teaching document which teachers can use in their teaching program, including: background notes; lesson plans with content links to the National History Curriculuma; student worksheets including a free 15 minute DVD 'Some Came Home' in which POWs and civilian internees are interviewd about their wartime experiences; and a list of resources that teachers can use - websites, books and DVDs.


Extension History

There are many different ways of determining how history happens. Historians disagree over why almost any event happened. This site can give you some ideas of how the great historians "did" history.

State Library's collection of resources on many Extension History topics.

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Junior History

Aboriginal Focus of the History Syllabus K-10

Includes teaching resources to provide a unique insight into the traditional lives of Australia's First People and the impact of Contact with White Australia


Archaeology skills acquisition set up by American Archaeology Magazine.

Interactive educational page for youngsters teaches fun facts, has information-gathering games and contains a vast amount of historical data.


Take a photographic tour through a re-creation of an Anglo-Saxon village. Includes extensive details about tribal organization and daily life.

Resource explains the personal nature of Saxon social obligations and its effects on legal and military structures. Also assesses women's role.

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Ancient History Links

Ancient History Preliminary and HSC Resource site for students and teachers
Rob Brown is an Ancient History teacher from Sydney doubles as a volunteer team member on various archaeological projects. He has recently become a team member for the Pompeii Food and Drink Project which will undergo its field season in June and July. Join him as he provides information, images, video and activities from the ancient city of Pompeii. Rob will be blogging his work in the ancient city as well as providing exclusive images and video footage that can be used as source material for studies in the core HSC topic. He is also answering any questions students and teachers may have for him that he can answer direct from Pompeii as well as posting a number of source based activities from the site.
The blog will also be used for future field work write ups as part of his work with the project in Pompeii and will also feature interesting current information to supplement study for HSC covered topics.
The blogsite is at http://robbrownarchaeologist.blogspot.com/
To email Rob for questions and requests click here

In the Athens summer of 2008 Australian history teacher, Sasha Jessop, was invited and participated in the volunteer excavation program. For Australian school students studying Athenian history as part of the New South Wales HSC syllabus, or even junior history students studying Stage 4 or 5 history, this was an exciting opportunity to connect with someone who is experiencing the evidence firsthand. In the 2009 season, Australian archaeologist Julia Psorakis will work with Sasha Jessop to provide new information and images for students to access.This website provides a diary of the progress being made on the excavation, useful
photos, as well as an opportunity for students to ask an archaeologist about what its like to work on a dig.


This website provides a complete pictorial record of the remains of Pompeii. It contains a record of every house, villa, caupona, shop, workshop, temple, public area as well as all the tombs, gates, towers etc in Pompeii, as well as all the areas closed to the public. It is the most complete record of the remains available and is used by teachers, students authors and archaeologists all over the world.
It has been developed with the permission and support of the Soprintendenza di Pompei for academic use.


A vast array of Greek topics including a massive catalogue of archaeological sites; translations of classical texts and a variety of academic essays on various topics especially Thucydides


'Herculaneum Uncovered'
A PBS documentary on Herculaneum featuring an interview with Prof Andrew Wallace-Hadrill.

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Modern History Links

Covers Australia's nvolvement in seven major wars over the past 100 years - from the Boer War to the Vietnam War and recent overseas peacekeeping effort

Details Australia's role in the wars of the 20th century and especially Gallipoli and World War One

Rabaul and Montevideo Maru Education Committee has compiled a number of resources that history teachers can use in the teaching of Second World War history. These resources include a teaching document which teachers can use in their teaching program, including: background notes; lesson plans with content links to the National History Curriculuma; student worksheets including a free 15 minute DVD 'Some Came Home' in which POWs and civilian internees are interviewd about their wartime experiences; and a list of resources that teachers can use - websites, books and DVDs.

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Primary History

AC History Units

History in the Making


Australian Curriculum History

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History Podcasts

The historyfaculty.com is a joint venture of the School of History, University of Leeds and PearsonGraphics.co.uk (County Durham). The History Faculty is bringing together leading university lecturers to build a library of accessible and authoritative audio and video podcast study guides for teachers, students, and those who just love history. Each podcast consists of an approximately 30 minute lecture that presents a clearly structured overview of the issues it addresses. The podcasts can be downloaded to mp3 and mp4 players, mobile phones and computers, so viewers can learn what they want, where they want and when they want. Many of the lectures come with a 'resources' page that includes a 'handout' identifying key themes and concepts, a supplementary reading list and links to high quality internet sources reviewed by our experts.

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Today in History

These sites provide information to interesting Historical events that occurred 'today'.








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